About Us

530609_568700983158296_1234167341_nThe Healing Foundation was established in Shrewsbury over twenty five years ago and is now based in Maldon, Essex where many of our Healing Courses take place.

We have training and accredited healing centres around the U.K.  We also have many members who work as volunteers at churches and well-being organisations.

At THF we believe that student healers who wish to work with the general public, should be provided with as much information as possible in their training. They are encouraged, supported and guided by their trainers to enable them to feel confident about their ability to channel the healing energies in a beneficial way.

We recognise that not everyone wants to work with the general public so we facilitate a three month course in healing for those who wish to learn enough to give healing confidently to family and friends.

We believe that it is important that we provide professional training for healers in order to offer the best service and protection for our Healers and the general public.
The Healing foundation is a spiritual, non-religious organisation.

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We are working closely with our umbrella organisation, World Federation of Healing to maintain standards and progression in Healing.


Celebrating Excellence in Healing