Healing, also known as Natural, Spiritual or Hands-on Healing is an ancient therapy which involves the transference of energy from one person to another. What healing is relies on the belief that we are part of a universal creative energy source which flows throughout our whole being. We are not just our physical bodies, but are emotional, mental and spiritual beings as well, and healing is designed to address all these parts of ourselves. How healers work is by channelling this energy, and with intent, assisting a client’s own energy systems to bring about the healing they need.

  • Reduces stress naturally
  • Pleasant calming effect
  • Assists the body to heal itself
  • Reduce pain naturally
  • Change your outlook on life
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Increased energy and immunity

Healing is usually experienced as calming and relaxing and so can be used to help the healing process after an illness or surgery, or if a client is taking medication for a disease or disability.  This calming and relaxing aspect of healing may also influence the mind and emotions and so can be used to cope with pain better, reduce stress naturally or help bring about a change in outlook and help develop a positive attitude.  In turn this can help people recover, maybe more quickly, from illnesses or emotional upsets.
There is no religious belief that is at variance with spiritual healing; it is an ancient art which is and has been practised across all cultures in the world.