Since Reiki means ‘universal life force energy’ in Japanese and this is exactly what mainstream Healers channel for the benefit of their clients, the THF supports this tradition of Healing.

We believe, however, that in order to practise as a Reiki Healer or any other popular healing modality, it is desirable that Healer practitioners be trained in mainstream Healing first.  This offers all Healers the best practice and protection.

The way Reiki and other Healing Therapies are taught, sometimes just over a few days, does not provide sufficient time to cover the wider implications of the healing relationship and the healing process.  Some Reiki students don’t have time to build their confidence and they don’t receive ongoing support and guidance to enable them to start practising on the general public.

Natural Healing is currently regulated in a way that Reiki isn’t.  As part of our Two Year Natural Healing Course we include information about Reiki Healing, Rahanni Celestial Healing and other healing modalities which you might like to be attuned to after completing the course.